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Which D.C. Restaurant Names Do You Mix Up the Most?

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It gets confusing

Is it Maple or Maple Ave.?
Is it Maple or Maple Ave.?

With so many restaurants constantly opening in D.C., perhaps its not surprising that several would emerge with similar names — sometimes even ridiculously similar.

Several years ago, Eater asked readers basically the same question we're asking today: "Which D.C. Restaurant Names Are the Easiest to Mix Up?" And while a few of those sources of confusion are no more (R.I.P. to both Poste and Posto, for example), plenty of other potential mix-ups have emerged in their place. Over the past few years, D.C. restaurant namers have loved referencing barrels and roses, identifying places by their numerical address, and ignoring vowels, among other trends (like ampersands everywhere).

Will another combination beat out the Boundary Road/Boundary Stone confusion of 2013? Take our poll (which includes soon-to-open restaurants) and share any amusing anecdotes of showing up at the wrong place by mistake in the comments. And feel free to share any restaurant naming convention pet peeves as well.