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An Update on the Argonaut, Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Mandu abroad

Mandu is traveling across the pond. London’s Carousel, a fifty-seat restaurant designed to house chef collaborations, has invited the team to cook a Korean tasting menu at the restaurant later this month. The team will celebrate the meal, which will likely introduce many diners to Korean food for the same time, with D.C. audiences at Kyirisan on Wednesday. Reservations for the ten-course dinner (which also includes four courses from Kyirisan’s Tim Ma) are required; it’s $150 per person.

Fast food or not fast food?

D.C. has some tricky zoning laws in place when it comes to the proliferation of "fast food" concepts in D.C. And those laws are coming into conflict with the mad influx of fast-casual restaurants that has happened in the area. One of the restaurants experiencing trouble right now: Smoked & Stacked from Marjorie Meek-Bradley, which will roll the dice and hope regulators view the place as more than mere "fast food" when it debuts. [WaPo]

An update on the Argonaut

The liquor license for The Argonaut, the bar that temporarily (and somewhat mysteriously) shuttered recently on H Street, has been "placed in safekeeping," meaning regulators hold onto the license until the end of September. It’s basically a temporary discontinuing of the license. No word yet on when the bar might reopen. [FT, h/t BiDC]

More Silver Diners

The local Rockville-based diner chain has yet again expanded. A note that the Frederick outpost is now open.