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What To Eat and Drink at FedEx Field

On game days, check out these top bites and booze picks

FedEx Field

Until last season, the food scene at FedEx Field didn’t impress many Redskins fans (same goes for the team’s record, typically). The presence of party pavilions and sports bars did little to offset the frustration of limited eating options, ultimately forcing attendees to speak up for stadium officials to take note.

It worked. Now, gone are the old days when Johnny Rockets was conveniently one of the only options inside (team owner Dan Snyder sold the chain in 2013).

This past fall, the Redskins footed the bill to revamp their options by partnering with local food providers to offer more variety and fresher ingredients. Craft beer is also making a big play, helping to further please thirsty palates of game-goers.

For tonight’s Monday Night Football season opener at FedEx Field, fans can expect a calorie-heavy assortment of new options to satisfy appetites at any quarter. Kick off the night with a bacon-cheddar sandwich stuffed with mac ‘n cheese or test drive the new signature Redskins hot dog from Hoffman’s Meats at various locations.

While the selection isn’t as wide as that at Nationals Park, it’s a step in the right direction and will certainly evoke cheers from Washingtonians who make the trek to Landover. Here’s a sampling of the 2016-17 season’s offerings—and where to find them.

Best New Bites and Booze

*Red Velvet Chicken and Waffles (Section 336) - To match the team’s burgundy color scheme, red velvet waffles will be served with chicken tenders, drizzled with syrup and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

*The Waffle Mac (Section 105) - A bacon-cheddar sausage is sandwiched between mac’ and cheese waffles.

*Buffalo Chicken Sausage (Sections 141, 305 and 326) - Hoffman’s Quality Meats based in Hagerstown will supply all-natural specialty sausages around the stadium. Eaters can order a buffalo chicken sausage topped with the normal assortment of condiments found at sports venues.

*Loaded Mac N’ Cheese Bowls (Sections 185, 336 and 377) - Gooey macaroni and cheese is topped with either bacon or barbecue, diced tomatoes, green onions and a drizzle of sauce.

*Caribbean Cove (Stand 126) - Among the new island-flavored additions is a pulled chicken sandwich topped with jerk barbecue sauce.

*Craft Haus - Although a small craft beer cart was available last season, this year the club level will have an entire "Craft Haus" space dedicated to nearly 10 seasonal beers at a time. Expect local brands such as Devil’s Backbone, Flying Dog and Escutcheon to regularly be on tap.

*Signature ‘Skins Dog - Available on all three levels, Hoffman’s Meats will provide the team’s new signature hot dog consisting of bacon, ham, sausage and pulled pork.

Other Additions

Hot soups, such as Maryland crab, chicken noodle and garden veggie, will be available during colder months on both the main concourse and club levels. Eaters craving healthier fare will like the new options at Caesar’s Vineyard, including salads, gluten-free wraps and fruit cups. Jump Asian Express in the main concourse also added General Tso’s chicken to its menu.

Dine by Location

Food and drink spots are spread around the three primary levels of the stadium, with most options available at the main concourse and club levels. Here some highlights:

Main Concourse

Grab a waffle mac and Craft Beer Corner brew at sections 105 and 106. Lighter fare at Caesar’s Vineyard or a warm bowl of soup can be found in sections 123 and 130, respectively. Hoffman’s Meats’ new specialty sausages are at 141, while 132 and 133 will serve a returning favorite, the brisket and bacon burger. Other comeback hits include sandwiches like grilled chicken sandwich with basil pesto mayo (115) and Maryland crab cakes (111) are also available here. For international flavor, visit Caribbean Cove (126) and Jump Asian Express (138),

Club Level

As ticket prices soar, so do food options. Here eaters can exclusively indulge in red velvet chicken and waffles (336), local brews at Craft Haus and find more Hoffman’s sausages on the club level (305 and 320). Loaded mac bowls (317 and 336), Maryland crab cake sandwiches (330) and grilled chicken sandwiches (320) are also available, while soups will only be sold during colder months (301). The club level also has several well-known chains including Hooters, Papa John’s and Johnny Rockets, which has five locations around the stadium. While the ‘Skins are making a concentrated effort with their own signature dogs, Washingtonians who stick to tradition can also find Ben’s Chili Bowl and its beloved half-smoke here.


Upper Concourse

Although far less food can be found on this level, Hoffman’s sausages (425), Maryland crab cake sandwiches (447), and grilled chicken sandwiches are available (447)

Outside the Stadium

The pickings outside FedEx field are a bit slim, but chain favorites like Chick-fil-a, Coldstone Creamery and Dave’s Famous BBQ are located around Largo Town Center Metro, which is a 30-minute walk (or three minute drive) from the stadium.

Famous Dave’s

FedEx Field

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