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Part of Black Jack Will Become Tilt, Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Black Jack

A pinball bar — well, kind of

Black Jack is getting a new name and a new theme. Well, a portion of it is, anyway. Restaurateur Jeff Black is transforming the bocce bar portion of the bar into Tilt, which will have a pinball theme. But no pinball machines, so game enthusiasts should keep heading to Lyman’s Tavern or Black Cat if they want to actually play. At Tilt, the bar top will be made of pinball glass, they’ll have a small food and drinks menu (with dishes like jerk chicken and lobster rangoon), and lots of groups of seven (seven beers, seven cocktails, etc.). [GoG]

No douches allowed

The always-amusing Brightest Young Things list of the city’s least douchey bars is out. Making the cut this time around: Duke’s Counter, Slash Run, Larry’s Lounge, and more. [BYT]

Add ‘em to the wings rotation

Wings are unassailably one of the best bar snacks out there, so it’s important to keep the eyes open for new versions. Zagat rounds up several, including wings at Texas Jack’s and Chao Ku. [Zagat]

Video interlude

And courtesy of ChefSteps and, here’s a video on how to make soup dumplings.

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