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The Top Stories on Eater D.C. This Week

Relive the week in Eater

Here are the top new feature and news stories on the site this past week:

1. D.C.’s Essential Sushi Restaurants

Sushiko [Photo: Official]

This new map on the site tells readers where to go for standout sushi. There’s a mix of established players, like Sushiko and Sushi Taro, and promising newcomers, including Takumi and Sushi Ogawa.

2. Eaterwire Weekly Roundup

Casolare [Photo: R. Lopez]

In Eaterwire this week, the launch of discount lunch subscription MealPal, warm bowls come to Sweetgreen, Casolare starts breakfast and lunch, and more mini-news bites.

3. Five Restaurants to Try

Bayou Bakery [Photo: Facebook]

Eater editors steered diners to such places as Bayou Bakery and Boundary Road here. This will get updated again today with new recommendations for the week.

4. Hooters Closes, Changes for Bethesda Supper Club, More Intel

Bethesda Supper Club [Photo: Facebook]

Were readers more interested in changes to a Bethesda entertainment venue, or the closing of a suburban breastaurant? Eater has a theory.

5. Where to Eat Sandwiches in Washington, D.C.

Fried chicken sandwich at Pineapple & Pearls [Photo: Bill Addison]

This story stream brings together ten different recent sandwich-themed maps on the site. Go here to find reccs for everything from pastrami to tortas.

Also popular this week:

*Dickson Wine Bar’s Gone for Good

*A Monster Summer: At Least 85 Restaurants Opened Around D.C.

*The Early Word on Smoked & Stacked

*Banana Cafe, a Survival Story from the Early Restaurant Days of Barracks Row

*BLT Prime Opens Inside the Trump Hotel Today

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