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Finding Ramen in Unexpected Places Around D.C.

Ramen is popping up in places beyond noodle shops and Japanese restaurants

Restaurant Eve's ramen dish
Restaurant Eve's ramen dish
Vina Sananikone
Tierney Plumb is the editor of Eater DC, covering all things food and drink around the nation's capital.

Ramen has had a strong presence in D.C. for several years now. Existing successful ramen shops around town, like Daikaya and Toki Underground, prove that the Japanese noodle soup is here to stay (even the Obamas are fans). And plenty of newcomers have recently debuted in the area, like Haikan. Bantam King, and Jinya.

Though there are many dedicated shops serving ramen, as well as Japanese restaurants like Kaz Sushi Bistro and Maneki Neko, the popularity of the noodle dish means it's showing up on menus at places largely known for other types of cuisine. Here’s a quick guide to the less likely places to spot and slurp ramen around town.

Ocean Blue

21438 Epicerie Plaza, Sterling, Va.

The new seafood-centric restaurant in Loudoun's Cascades Overlook has a ramen bar, offering two broths—one meat and one vegan—and guests can fill their bowls with a selection of noodles (including a gluten-free rice noodle), fresh vegetables like mushrooms, watermelon radish, and a variety of seasonings.


974 Palmer Alley NW

Here, chef/owner Amy Brandwein serves one of her standout handmade pastas as an Italian-inspired riff on ramen: Neri with squid ink and eight fishes in broth, radish leaves, spring onions, and nonnata di pesce.

701 Restaurant

701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

At lunch, check out the $16 ramen entree, with duck confit, braised bacon, and tonkatsu noodles.

Ramen at 701 [Photo: Facebook]

Ramen at 701 [Photo: Facebook]

Restaurant Eve

110 S Pitt St., Alexandria, Va.

Restaurant Eve's ramen comes with house-made alkaline ramen noodles, Path Valley Farm egg, Jurgielewicz Farm duck, cremini mushrooms from Tuscarora, and micro greens from Great Greens.

Baby Wale

1124 9th St. NW

Find Nagoya-style ramen here, with shio, chicken, pork, in a bonito broth with mitsuba, egg, and green onion.

Ramen at Baby Wale [Photo: Facebook]

Ramen at Baby Wale [Photo: Facebook]

Woodward Takeout Food

1426 H St. NW

Woodward Takeout Food will be featuring Burnt Miso Ramen next week for a weekly lunch special. It features pork belly, crispy pork ear, charred corn, bean sprouts, furikake spice, and a 62° egg.


1990 M St. NW

Vidalia's low country ramen comes with Carolina shrimp, pork belly, andouille sausage, okra, collards, butter beans, black eye peas, deviled egg, and spicy shrimp kombu broth.