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Brace Yourselves, the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is Coming to Town

Prepare for cookies and swag

The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck
The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck
Courtesy Sanrio
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Fans of Hello Kitty should mark the calendar for September 17, because that's when its cafe's truck is coming to town.

The truck will be rolling up to Bethesda Row, starting at 10 a.m. and hanging around until 8 p.m. that evening. They'll be dishing out Hello Kitty cookie sets, as well as swag. Find it parked around 4950 Elm Street in Bethesda. It's operated by the brand's parent company Sanrio. The cutesy character has a major cult following both nationally and internationally.

The truck has been kicking around since October 2014, delivering mini-cakes and macarons to fans across the country (it has more limited offerings than the brand's various cafes, which feature more themed food). There's a Hello Kitty pop-up cafe in California, plus Hello Kitty-themed restaurants and pop-ups in such places as Hong KongTaiwan, and Japan.

The truck's appearances are announced via social media on Twitter and Facebook, and often draw crowds and lines.