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Burger, Tap & Shake is Putting a Burger Between Two Pupusas

It's their burger of the month

It's a burger... it's a pupusa... it's both, tbh.
It's a burger... it's a pupusa... it's both, tbh.
courtesy Burger, Tap & Shake
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Pupusas are delicious. Burgers are delicious. But what about a burger sandwiched between two pupusas? Burger, Tap & Shake is banking on it being quite the delicious combination as well.

The Foggy Bottom-based burger joint's Burger of the Month for September is The Salvador. It's a char-griddled patty melt — except the "bread" is actually pupusas made with pepper jack cheese, curtido slaw, and spicy tomato salsa. They're highlighting it along with a huckleberry shake as their specials this month. The price is a bit higher than a typical pupusa, though – the speciality burger clocks in at $9.

Pupusas, the Salvadoran snack, are rather prevalent within D.C. proper and its surrounding suburbs. But pupusa burgers? Not so much. Find this one at the restaurant group's original and Tenleytown locations.

The restaurant likes to get rather epic with its monthly burger specials. Last month's version was topped with fried bologna, among other items; July's burger featured three types of cheese.

Burger Tap & Shake (BTS)

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