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Try Not to Panic About Chao Ku, and More Intel

Plus, playing with fire (safely)

Chao Ku
R. Lopez

Playing With Fire

DCist has the scoop on how to bring the wonder, the thrill of a flaming alcoholic drinks home. As with most things, it makes sense to start small — setting alight an orange rind garnish — before graduating to a full-flame volcano bowl. Or, ya know, you could leave it to the experts. Up to you. [DCist]

Chicken for All

Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken has launched a campaign at all six of its D.C.-area stores — a hashtag meant to promote inclusivity from now until the inauguration. “#Everyone Is Welcome” is intended to shine a light on the values that the restaurant says it values: “inclusion, diversity and mutual respect.”

Don’t Panic Yet

Washington City Paper advises those worried about the for-sale status of the townhouse that holds Chao Ku. The restaurant’s owner tells the paper that there aren’t actually any plans to close just yet — the sale is a precautionary measure. Here’s hoping. [WCP]

Georgetown Hosts a VIP

Hillary Clinton was spotted dining out at Cafe Milano in Georgetown. She was dining in a private room at the joint, with friends former Rep Ellen Tausher and Capricia Marshall. [WaPo]