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Beer in Cans for Concerts Maybe, and More Intel

Plus, a burrito chain seeing some changes for the new year

Chipotle has some resolutions (err, plans) for 2017

Beer Cans, Finally

A Virginia House of Delegates bill is considering allowing concertgoers at certain Va. venues to enjoy their beer and wine in aluminum cans — rather than the paper/plastic disposable cups of yore, reports Washington Business Journal. It’s for certain venues only — curiously, Wolf Trap did not appear to stand to benefit — but should be a coup for both booze merchants and imbibers. [WBJ]

The Shutter

The Dupont Circle location of Pasara Thai will close on January 21, after a decade in that spot, reports POPVille. As per a print-out taped to the window, the lease ended. There are locations of Pasara in Kingstowne, Old Town and Ashburn. [POPVille]

Snaps for SNAP

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is looking at a new way to get food to those who need it the most. Those who are on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (a.k.a SNAP, a.k.a “food stamps”) may soon be able to purchase their groceries online, reports The Washington Post. The Dept. is testing out the idea in seven states right now, including Maryland. While food costs are covered by their SNAP benefits, delivery charges would come out of the pockets of users. [WaPo]

Chipotle Changes

Important new year news for everyone’s favorite weekday lunch source. 2017 sees a fair amount of change for Chipotle, a company that is still trying to recover from E. coli contamination issues of 2016. The new year will bring more ads, less free burritos; more menu items (ahem, dessert!), and likely higher pricing. [E]