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A Fight Over Florida Ave., and More Intel

Plus, the quick bankruptcy of a Washington football-themed joint

Sharon C./Yelp

Florida Ave Grill Is Putting Up a Fight

Previously it was reported that while there was a foreclosure auction scheduled for the space that currently houses Florida Ave. Grill, owner Imar Hutchins said it was staying open. Turns out Imar is suing the lender — ATS One Holdings — for “a pattern of predatory lending, malicious behavior, misrepresentations, threats, and deceptive practices.” Full story over at DCist. [DCist]

The Bakruptcy; The Shutter

Three restaurants have closed in and around the District. Hail and Hog — a restaurant themed after D.C.’s football team, located in Loudon — has filed for bankruptcy eight months in business, reports Washington Business Journal. POPVille has the scoop on two other closings: Princess Cafe and Lounge in Adams Morgan and Piassa Ethio Cuisine & Cafe in Shaw. [WBJ; POPVille]

Mess Hall’s 2016

Washington City Paper has a cool infographic about Mess Hall’s triumphs and sales in 2016. Included: the number of minority-owned businesses (18!), the number of ovens in the space (19) and the number of quarts of Prescription Chicken sold since its September launch (4,500.) [WCP]

Winter at Taylor

Also on POPVille is the full winter menu over at Taylor Gourmet. Lots of great options for carnivores and veg-lovers alike. [POPVille]

UPDATE: This article previously incorrectly reported that Hail and Hog would be closing. It is remaining open through the bankruptcy filing.