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Trumpster Burger Parodies PEOTUS, And More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

The Trumpster, available at Community Restaurant & Lounge in Bethesda, Md., throughout Inauguration weekend.
[Nevin Martell/Facebook]

Trump Wire

Serial restaurateur Mark Bucher and food writer/cookbook collaborator Nevin Martell are making second careers out of giving hell to the almost-chief, unveiling their latest culinary protest, the Trumpster, just in time for Inauguration Day.

Bucher and Martell previously expressed their distaste for President-elect Donald Trump with a “Golden Showers” burger, an extra cheesy meal modeled after unconfirmed intelligence the Kremlin purportedly compiled on the incoming commander-in-chief. A portion of those sales were donated to Planned Parenthood.

This time around the duo have topped a gourmet patty with American cheese, Russian dressing and “a very small pickle.” And, for the sake of security, they surrounded the burger with a wall of cheese-covered tater tots.

Bucher, who founded the BGR burger chain, said he’s spoofed current events with comestibles for years, taking jabs at former GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, Jersey Shore alum Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and self proclaimed warlock Charlie Sheen (“Came with a free side of coke,” Bucher wrote in an email).

“Burger's are a strong part of my culinary identity,” Bucher said of his creative streak.

The latest offering is priced at $20 — $5 from each sale is scheduled to flow through to Rock the Vote — and will be available at Community Restaurant & Lounge in Bethesda, Md., this Friday through Sunday.

And, no, Bucher is not worried about stirring up the kind of negative reaction that drove an alleged gunman to carry out an armed invasion of Comet Ping Pong last month.

“I think that card was played and the smell test for fake news has matured greatly,” Bucher suggested.

DC, Represent

Local photographer Miki Jourdan is displaying images at Sidamo Coffee & Tea designed to show Trump, and others, that America is already pretty great. The exhibit, titled, “Making America: Portraits from the Nation’s Capital,” debuted earlier this week. [PoP]

An artist offers henna painting during the H Street Festival.
[Miki Jourdan/DC Focused]

Hiding Out

Washington City Paper scribe Laura Hayes is fascinated by Conbini Cafe by UZU, a Japanese joint tucked away inside the Shopkeepers boutique. Surprise, surprise — the chefs involved are tight with Maketto founder Erik Bruner-Yang. [WCP]

Coming Attractions

Done with Hawaiian food? D.C.’s not. Penn Quarter Living has spotted a sign for Poki District, a new restaurant with designs on 906 F St. NW. [PQL]