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Protesters Make A Less-Than-Joyful Noise Outside Comet Ping Pong

Demonstrators sound off about homosexuality

Members of an anti-gay group that bills itself as the “Official Street Preachers” online spent Thursday afternoon airing grievances in front of Comet Ping Pong.

The restaurant has come under fire from conservatives after being linked to the politically charged conspiracy theory known as #Pizzagate. An armed gunman took it upon himself to “investigate” the family restaurant last month, shutting down the entire area as police scrambled to contain the potentially dangerous situation.

Neighboring business owner Matt Carr has been been broadcasting bits and pieces of the religiously themed demonstration via Twitter.

Absent any ability to quell the aural assault — ”Cops are here. Nothing they can do,” he shared via social media — Carr busied himself alerting everyone about the unsavory element that’s evidently rolled into town this weekend.

Washingtonian has additional pics from the dispiriting stand-off.

Eater will update this story as information keeps coming in about the confrontation.