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The Early Word on The Bird

“This Mexican chicken soup is Mmmmm... Mmmmm... good!”

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R. Lopez

It’s been open for a few months now, but it seems that The Bird has kinda flown under the radar. A follow-up to The Pig, The Bird is all about poultry, from beak to feet, and with different animals being used, including duck, quail, squab and even goose.

The restaurant’s limitations prove to be an exercise in creativity — when you can only use winged critters, you have to do something a little different than straight-up chicken wings and fried foods (though there’s also plenty of that.)

Read on to hear what the people are saying about this singular-species-focused joint at 1337 11th Street NW.

Creativity Abounds News: The cuisine at The Bird is not about one type of winged critter. Remarks Yelper Mary Kate M.: “They have more than just your typical chicken, but also offering duck, quail (as mentioned) and I even saw partridge on the menu! They get creative with their dishes just like they do with their drinks and beer menu.” It’s also surprisingly inclusive. Facebook user Sheila de Castro said “As a Filipina, I was thrilled to see Inasal on the menu. Returning!” [Yelp; Facebook]

More International Takes News: Instagram user craigsberg posted: “Korean style wings from The Bird. Amazing.” And other Instagrammer cashtina said: “A variation to chicken feet dim sum. This Mexican chicken soup is Mmmmm... Mmmmm... good!” [Instagram]

Alluring Alliteration News: Can’t blame folks for going all-out with the wordplay. Says Facebook user Eric Green: “The Bird, is the WORD!!! Just finished an incredible meal at this newly opened gem of a roost. This is one fine-feathered establishment.” Meanwhile, Yelper Dipesh P. says: “The bird bird bird, the bird is the word.” True. [Facebook; Yelp]

Duck Meatball News: The meatballs made of duck are a big hit with diners. Says Yelper Henry E.: “I can personally attest to the duck meatballs that offered a delectable melody of flavors -- fresh bird topped with a wonderfully spicy tomato curry. Highly recommend if you like duck; A MUST GET if you don't like duck. This dish will blow your mind and instantly alter any negative opinions towards Donald (the duck).” Color me convinced. [Yelp]

A Little Extra News: “Delicious brunch spot with perfectly cheesy egg puns.” says Yelper Katelyn M. What could be better? [Yelp]

Accessibility News: When trendy concepts rule, user-friendliness can take the back-burner. But not so at The Bird, according to Yelper Gearred D.: “ I almost exclusively dine with at least one other person in a powered or push wheelchair, and it's nice to see that although the 2-story space is in a repurposed town/row home, there is an easy entry/exit just off the main entrance on the O St side.” [Yelp]

Free Is Good News: “We were pleasantly surprised by the 3 complimentary aperitivo bites that accompanied the cocktails. The plate included a deviled quail egg and a fish croquette. Not bad for some free food,” says Yelper Dipesh P. [Yelp]