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Twitter Blasts José Andrés for Defending Casey Patten

Sticking up for Taylor Gourmet stokes anti-Trump crowd

Coming to the defense of embattled Taylor Gourmet co-founder Casey Patten may wind up costing restaurateur José Andrés business.

Patten, who’s taken a beating on social media after being photographed Monday with polarizing President Donald Trump, has already begun his apology tour, telling the Washington City Paper he respects other’s opinions, but still considers himself an agent of change.

Even though he remains embroiled in a legal battle with 45 stemming from the then-candidate’s inflammatory remarks about unauthorized immigrants, Andrés urged the online community to consider the difference between showing respect for the highest office in the land and personally endorsing the commander-in-chief.

That call for comity touched off a firestorm of activity.

Some gave Andrés guff, but attempted to remain civil.

Others assailed his judgment.

A couple chalked up the outrage du jour to sour grapes.

One worried about the optics of the sordid affair.

Some suggested that what goes around, comes around.

Others were flat out disgusted.

One critic took things a step further, placing Andrés on notice that she no longer plans to patronize his establishments.

That sparked a second war of words regarding a failed meals tax initiative, budget shortfalls plaguing Fairfax County public schools and the fragile nature of brand identity.

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