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Is D.C.’s Food Scene a Bubble Poised to Burst?, and More Intel

Plus lots of D.C.’s weirdest (best?) bathrooms are attached to bars/restaurants

2 Birds 1 Stone has some rather quirky restrooms.
2 Birds 1 Stone Official

That’s Your Business

Curbed has a rollicking fun article about where to find the weirdest (or most fun?) bathrooms in the city. Naturally, plenty of restaurant bogs made the list — from the utilitarianism/recycling power of the urinals at Dacha Beer Garden to the slyly X-rated wallpaper at 2 Birds 1 Stone. [Curbed]

Food For Thought

Washington City Paper poses quite the question: should bars check the bags of their patrons to ensure no thievery is going on? Of course stolen goods aren’t a new thing in the industry — check out our own column all about it — but the post was inspired by an angry, since-deleted Yelp review, lambasting the bag-check policy at The Midlands Beer Garden. The owner wrote a snippy reply, and the debate wages on. [WCP]

Burst Your Bubble

Washingtonian food editor Jessica Sidman poses a rather existential question: is D.C.’s dining scene a bubble (that’s poised to burst)? She makes some compelling arguments: the population (i.e. demand) isn’t keeping up with the supply of restaurants, and that an explosion of restaurants means a lack of experienced staff to fill open positions. [Washingtonian]

A Fairytale Foot Sanctuary Ending

Arlington’s House of Steep — a tea house and “foot sanctuary” — officially closed its doors in the last weekend of 2016. But it will reopen early next week thanks to a a very dedicated customer, reports ARLNow. The new owner, Patrick Vaughan, was in the middle of a reflexology and foot massage when he heard the news, and quickly resolved to buy the biz to keep it afloat — which is just what he’s done. [ARLNow]