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Feuding Over Taco Bell, and More Intel

Plus, where’s the lamb sauce, tho?

Taco Bell/Facebook

“Late Night Riff Raff”

There’s a bit of a feud going on in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood of Alexandria — over the expected effects of a proposed 24-hour Taco Bell. Opponents to the fast-food joint are citing one reason in particular: the encouragement of “late night riff raff.” Another opponent visited a nearby TB and was not stoked on their service: “the stores are poorly stocked, dirty, and often promote loitering.” Oh, and folks are worried about property values dipping with the fast-food joint nearby. [WBJ]

Is It Worth It?

Washington City Paper editor Laura Hayes does a good amount of the homework for us by traveling to the suburbs in order to dine at some of the best international restaurants — Vietnamese, Korean, Indian — and judge whether it’s actually worth it to leave the city. For the most part, it usually is. [WCP]

Where’s the Lamb Sauce?

In memes you need to know news: there’s a new celebrity chef in town. Gordon Ramsay’s image — and a question from an old episode of Hell’s Kitchen — has made it into the meme universe. It has to do with seriously seeking some lamb sauce, but we’ll let you investigate further. [E]

French Fries for Days

Good news Sundevich fans — the restaurant’s sandwiches are now available at Small Fry, the other location from the Sundevich owners. Now, you can get French fries with your sandy, a.k.a. it’s now possible to visit heaven on earth. [POPVille]