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Daytime Talk Show Host Among Partners at New-ish Restaurant

It’s in Friendship Heights

Chads/Chadwicks/Something new soon
Chads on Yelp

D.C.’s restauranteur list just got a bit more daytime-friendly. Maury Povich, of daytime TV fame, is one of four partners in the purchase of Chad’s (or Chadwick’s), on Wisconsin Avenue in Friendship Heights, reports Washington Business Journal.

Povich, who has ties with D.C. and whose father worked for the Post, has gone in with sports commentator Tony Kornheiser, Gary Williams and Alan Bubes. Kornheiser announced the news of the buy on the latest episode of his podcast, “The Tony Kornheiser Show.”

The plan is mostly typical of any having to do with new restaurant ownership — fixing the place up, improving menus (particularly that of beer and wine), and switching up the name. But the new and improved spot will also be a studio for Kornheiser’s podcast, along with “anybody in the area who does podcasts,” he told WBJ.

In addition to a podcast studio, the partners are floating out some other ideas — using it as an event space, selling merchandise and even partnering with a local sports team.

WBJ notes that the partners have limited restaurant industry experience, and so have brought in a pro: Geoff Driscoll Dawson, owner of Penn Social and Ripple among others.