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Famous Faces at The Oval Room, Plus More Intel

Plus, a meme-ified millennial George Washington, because of course.

The Oval Room
The Oval Room/Facebook

Sarah Jessica Spotting

The Oval Room hosted a very VIP dinner on Friday: Sex and the City legend Sarah Jessica Parker was dining with her hubs Matthew Broderick as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Spain and three other guests. [EaterWire]

Mini Road Trip, Anyone?

D.C.’s exploding food scene not enough to quench your appetite? Only in Your State has a fine listicle of restaurants throughout Maryland that any self-respecting Mid-Atlantic resident should make a point to eat at during the coming year. And yep, there are lots (and lots) of crabcakes. [OIYS]

The Sehkraft Shutter

Clarendon beer and entertainment restaurant Sehkraft Brewing will be closing its doors tomorrow, January 10, reports ARLNow. This comes about a year after the joint opened. Sehkraft’s time before opening was marked by many logistical and permit-based struggles. [ARLNow]

Meme Me, George

It’s time for another meme brief. Farmers & Distillers commissioned a portrait from artist Nathan Loda, depicting a “millennial” George Washington — complete with man-bun and Ray Ban-esque specs in his vest pocket. Happily, Washingtonian took this opportunity to meme-ify the first president with his best imagined pick-up lines. Click over for a little Monday morning LOL. [Washingtonian]