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The Early Word on Himitsu

“How good can fried chicken be, you ask? Try the karaage and get back to me.”

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Himitsu has taken Petworth by storm, offering up inventive, lip-smacking takes on Japanese eats. The name itself means “secret” in Japanese, but once word of its really good reviews gets out, we’re thinking that name won’t make too much sense anymore.

All 47 of its reviews on Facebook are five-star, with folks raving about everything from the service to the food and the cozy, inviting, date-night-perfect atmosphere. Read on to see what the people are saying.

The Know-Before-You-Go News: Himitsu is not the choice for your co-worker’s going away party or celebrating Nana’s 90th. “Himitsu is small and intimate and can only accommodate parties of up to 4 people,” says Yelper Kristen B. “The restaurant's petite size adds to the cozy ambiance.” [Yelp]

The You’re Getting Very Hungry News: The fried chicken seems to be a huge hit here at Himitsu. Says Yelper Mindy D.: “How good can fried chicken be, you ask? Try the karaage and get back to me. The extra crispy thighs are coated in Korean gochujang glaze and served with pickles and kewpie mayo. It's even better eaten with soft, white rice.” I’m not drooling — you’re drooling! [Yelp]

The Good For Veggies News: Japanese restaurants typically give few (though delicious) options for vegetarians. Turns out Himitsu didn’t forget about this crucial population. “Highlights included the agedashi tofu and the fried chicken (veggie friends, fear not, for I heard they can prepare tofu the same way as the fried chicken and it is also divine),” says Yelper Kristen B. [Yelp]

The Sushi-Lovers News: Here’s another good-to-know tidbit, this time for folks expecting a long, drawn-out sushi menu. Says Yelper Vina Y.: “For sushi purists, their sashimi and nigiri are all great - the selection is not huge, maybe 6-7 fish, but everything is really fresh.” [Yelp]

The Communication News: Forget trying to call Himitsu — it’s just not possible. After talking about the no-reservations issue, Yelper Linda P. brought this to our attention: “Also no phone number exists which was a bit annoying as we wanted to see if they were open on Christmas Eve but nothing that a message via yelp couldn't fix (very quick response).”

The Popular Place News: With all the reviewer raving, it’s smart to plan ahead if you wanna hit up this super-popular joint. Advises Facebook user Ana Isabel Martínez Chamorro: “Definitely get there early because before you know it, it'll have a 4 hour wait!” [Facebook]

The Service News: Most reviewers take the time to downright rave about the service. “Everyone is friendly with great service and the owners are very engaging and happy to help,” says Facebook user Matthew Rogers.