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New Golden Triangle Eatery Is Giving Away Doughnuts, Plus More Intel

Hank’s restaurants run comprehensive drink special for hurricane relief

Photo: 202 Donuts


Downtown newcomer Bold Bite Market (1028 19th Street NW) October 2 begins serving breakfast burgers, gourmet coffee, and seasonally inspired doughnuts in the Golden Triangle. As part of the grand opening festivities, customers will receive one free doughnut with any coffee purchase on Mondays for the rest of the month. Other promotional deals include 20 percent off salads on Tuesdays, and one free order of small fries with any lunch purchase on Fridays.

Charity Wire

Restaurateur Jamie Leeds is contributing to the ongoing disaster aid efforts by pledging to donate $1 from every beverage sold (cocktails, beers, sodas, anything) at her family of restaurants through Saturday, October 7, to World Central Kitchen Relief Network. The local hospitality group, which includes the Hank’s Oyster Bar restaurants, Hank’s Cocktail Bar, and Hank’s Pasta Bar, estimates that it serves around 1,300 drinks per day.


Washington City Paper reports on Bistro Aracosia, the new restaurant the family behind critically acclaimed Afghan Bistro plans to export to Palisades. In addition to branching out beyond the familiar kebabs (think: beef shank, traditional rice dishes), the new space will offer twice as much seating as its predecessor in Springfield, Virginia, and is set to be inscribed with quotes from Persian poet Rumi. [WCP]

In neighboring Vienna, restaurateur Jonathan Krinn is adding a “sous vide studio” to his budding establishment. Northern Virginia Magazine reports that Krinn is spreading restaurant Clarity into an adjoining space, carving out room specifically for a “fireless kitchen” composed of five sous vide bath circulators and five induction ranges. [NVM]

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