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Eat Coffee-Flavored Popcorn During Shows at The Anthem

The Wharf’s massive new music hall will serve grilled fare and savory snacks

The Anthem concert hall at the Wharf.
Photo by John Shore

Concertgoers planning to help christen the cavernous new concert hall at the Wharf Thursday, October 12, can expect to snack on tofu-filled bao buns, dessert waffles, and locally made hot dogs while the Foo Fighters rock the house.

Music showplace The Anthem is keeping things fairly simple in terms of concessions — there are, after all, nearly two dozen full-fledged restaurants slated to crop up along the same mile-long strip between now and next spring — focusing mainly on portable snacks, sandwiches, and frozen treats.

Tentative offerings include: two different types of bao buns (barbecue brisket or grilled tofu with kimchi); mutliple grilled cheese offerings bolstered by bacon, salami, and balsamic onions; specialty hot dogs and half-smokes from homegrown butcher Red Apron; flavored popcorn (think: parmesan-truffle, Old Bay, or cappuccino); pulled pork sandwiches; waffles “with or without Full Monty sauce”; and shrimp trays.

No word yet on whether the familiar 9:30 Club cupcake might make guest appearances, but name-brand ice cream does appear to be in the play. (Stay tuned.)

UPDATE: A spokeswoman for the The Anthem tells Eater the 9:30 Club cupcake is staying put. The sauce-topped “Wharfle” is expected to serve as the new venues’ headlining sweet.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson confirmed that The Anthem plans to scoop select flavors from newly arrived chain Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Initial offerings will include: Ndali Estate vanilla, Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso, milkiest chocolate, darkest chocolate, and lemon buttermilk frozen yogurt.