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Founding Farmers Group Opens Hybrid Restaurant in Pennsylvania

Latest eatery features baked goods and booze from across the hospitality chain

The dining room at the new Founding Farmers in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.
Photo by Ken Fletcher for Founding Farmers

Pennsylvanians can now try a little bit of everything the multifaceted Founding Farmers Group has developed within the District at the new composite eatery the hospitality outfit opened November 1 in King of Prussia.

The latest Founding Farmers (there are three others sprinkled around the District, Maryland, and Virginia) borrows a few things from its sibling establishments, and improves upon others.

The made-to-order doughnuts and pastries at the new First Bake Cafe & Creamery track the sweets offered on Farmers Fishers Bakers’ “first bake” menu in Georgetown; the cocktails served in the main dining room are fueled by the spirits produced at Farmers & Distillers in Chinatown; and the Compass Coffee service provided is shared by every branch within the growing family of restaurants (another Founding Farmers is scheduled to open next year in Reston, Virginia).

In addition to carving out room for regionally inspired offerings (think: assorted pierogies, available pan-fried or boiled), visitors to the King of Prussia location also get gourmet pizza by-the-slice.

A breakfast sandwich from the new First Bake Cafe & Creamery in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.
Photo by Ken Fletcher for Founding Farmers

The new restaurant serves breakfast Monday through Friday, lunch and dinner daily, and brunch Saturday and Sunday.

Farmers & Distillers

600 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20001

Founding Farmers

1924 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20431 202 822 8783