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‘60 Minutes’ Showcases José Andrés’ Relief Efforts, Plus More Intel

Game-themed Board Room arrives in Arlington

Restaurateur and humanitarian José Andrés.
Photo: Baltz & Company

‘A true agent of change, one plate at a time’

60 Minutes contributor Anderson Cooper November 26 interviewed restaurateur José Andrés about the work he’s been doing in disaster zones such as Puerto Rico and Haiti via his relief-oriented foundation, World Central Kitchen. “I am a cook. I feed the few, but I've always been super interested in feeding the many,” Andrés, who has now provided 3 million-plus meals to storm-ravaged Puerto Ricans, tells Cooper about his greatest ambition.

Sip bubbly while playing Boggle

Dupont’s interactive Board Room has opened a second location in Clarendon, Virginia, introducing board games and a new Champagne lounge to the former home of Sehkraft Brewing. The new bar (925 N. Garfield Street) plans to continue brewing beer on-site. Status: Certified open. 925 N. Garfield Street, Arlington, Va.; website.

Countdown to more cookies in Georgetown

Popville peeks inside the forthcoming Insomnia Cookies location in Georgetown (3204 O Street NW) and declares that the “opening is imminent.” The chain sweets shop arrived in Adams Morgan in 2016; a third location is headed to the Atlas District. [Popville]

Buttering up staff

Today is Trump administration aide Mick Mulvaney’s first day as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And what better way to make nice with the employees of the federal agency you’ve openly derided than the treat them to a few dozen doughnuts.