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Beau Thai Was Robbed This Week

The incident is under investigation

Beau Thai Mount Pleasant
Photo: Beau Thai

An unidentified man stole hundreds of dollars from the cash drawer at Beau Thai’s Mount Pleasant location in the early morning hours of December 20.

The perpetrator entered while the restaurant was open December 19 and hid inside after the store closed at 10:30 p.m., reports owner Ralph Bradham. Staffers discovered coffee and cigarettes in the bathroom in the morning, where the culprit allegedly camped out before clearing out the till.

He was caught on camera exiting the restaurant (3162 Mt Pleasant Street NW), and the Thai eatery shared security camera footage via social media as a call for help:

“Thank God no one was hurt and nothing was damaged but it’s caused us to up our security game and protocol for closing up,” says Bradham, adding that he’s already changed the locks.

The Mount Pleasant location sits next to a 7-11, where police are frequently stationed and are familiar with regulars “who come and go and cause trouble,” says Bradham, but they did not recognize the man caught on camera.

“This time of year these things happen and we hope he gets caught but we are grateful it wasn’t worse,” he says.

This is the first incident of its type since the location opened in 2013, he says. The Thai brand first debuted in Shaw in 2010.

In January the Mount Pleasant location will revive its supper club series, with the first on Saturday, January 6 to focus on the history of curries.

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