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Erik Bruner-Yang’s New Adams Morgan Restaurant Is a Trip

Brothers and Sisters serves everything from savory oatmeal to octopus “hot dogs”

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A coaster at Brothers and Sisters, Erik Bruner-Yang’s all-day restaurant inside the slowly emerging Line hotel.
Photo by Warren Rojas / Eater DC

Properly digesting the menus at Brothers and the Sisters, the new all-day eatery restaurateur Erik Bruner-Yang has placed inside the lobby of Adams Morgan’s long awaited Line hotel, takes some doing.

“It reads backwards,” staff inform first-time guests while presenting them with a list of globally inspired items arranged to read from right to left. That initial culture shock is deliberate — as is every other detail, ingredient, and culinary technique Bruner-Yang and his growing hospitality team wove into a sophisticated venue designed to transport diners around the world.

The kitchen crafts dishes native to Asia, Europe, and the Americas. A la carte breakfast selections range from traditional Dutch baby pancakes with chantilly cream to trendy avocado toast doctored with hazelnuts. Composed breakfast “sets” feature Continental standards (pastries, fruit, coffee) as well as more substantial fare (roast fish, pickled vegetables, shredded potato cakes). No lobby bar is complete without a beefy burger ($18; replacement chickpea patty optional). But Brothers and Sisters wanders much further afield, bringing into play fried rice that’s prepared tableside, Asian noodles layered with zesty sausage, club sandwiches bolstered by fried chicken, and more.

On the beverage side, bar guru Todd Thrasher has assembled over two dozen drinks spanning three categories: historic hotel bar cocktails (bloody mary, Singapore sling), classic American cocktails (sazerac, mint julep), and whimsically named house offerings (moonshine-fueled “Skinny Jeans and Cowboy Boots,” Sichuan pepper-spiked “Why Is My Tongue Numb”).

Scroll down to peruse the various menus at Brothers and Sisters.

Brothers And Sisters

1770 Euclid Street Northwest, , DC 20009 (202) 588-0525 Visit Website