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‘Whirlwind,’ ‘Understaffed,’ ‘Diverse’: D.C. Dining Pros Sum Up 2017

One-word answers to an open question

The way we eat (pics first!) in 2017.
Photo by Ryan J. Lane / Getty Images

As per tradition, Eater asked a group of restaurant critics, journalists, bloggers, and friends of the site to weigh in on the year in food. Here they attempt to boil down the down the evolving dining scene as succinctly as possible.

Don Rockwell, DC Dining: “#MeTooAngst.”

Jessica Sidman, Washingtonian food editor: “Grown-up.”

Tim Carman, Washington Post food writer: “Ride-sharing. (Okay, it’s two words, conveniently hyphenated. But services such as Uber and Lyft have transformed how people eat, and how restaurants have to rethink their services. You used to drive to a restaurant, park the car and stay at the restaurant the entire evening. No more. People roam now. Restaurants have to cater to this wandering crowd, with bar menus, quick snacks, craft cocktails, etc.)”

Stefanie Gans, Northern Virginia Magazine restaurant critic and dining editor: “No reservations.”

Nevin Martell, DC Modern Luxury dining editor: “Maintaining. D.C.'s dining scene did a great job of maintaining the high level of excellence it has achieved over the last few years, while maintaining extraordinary growth.”

Laura Hayes, Washington City Paper food editor: “Understaffed.”

Tom Sietsema, Washington Post restaurant critic: “Filling!”

Lori Gardner, Been There, Eaten That: “Whirlwind.”

David Hagedorn, Arlington Magazine/Bethesda Magazine dining columnist: “Expansion.”

Rina Rapuano, Zagat DC/freelance food writer: “Diverse.”