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Customers Are Flocking to Maydan’s Open Flame

“It feels like a mini-vacation to an exotic land”

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The central hearth at Maydan.
Photo by Rey Lopez for Eater DC
Tierney Plumb is the editor of Eater DC, covering all things food and drink around the nation's capital.

Maydan, D.C.’s new communal dining experience centered around a huge, blazing fire pit, debuted November 21 in the alley of the Manhattan Laundry Building complex.

The adventurous restaurant (1346 Florida Avenue NW) comes from Compass Rose founder Rose Previte and co-executive chefs Gerald Addison and Chris Morgan, whose extensive culinary research overseas across North Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe helped inspire its mix-and-match aesthetic and edible touches.

Guests can share herb-soaked sardines, blistered eggplant drizzled in walnut sauce, and tender whole chickens spiced with garlic, coriander, and turmeric. The beverage program crafted behind the 16-seat bar, run by District Distilling Co. alum Said Haddad, includes wine served in glass carafes, unique cocktails on draft, and lots of tea.

Read on to hear what customers are saying, just a few weeks in:

The See You Soon News: Instagrammer @emrawsteen writes that she “literally made a second res while in my chair because it’s all that glorious. Can’t even describe the magic they use to transport you from DC to somewhere far away. Welcome welcome welcome.” [Instagram]

The Highlights News: Facebooker Tejal Patel says there was “great food, great vibe! The labeneh was amazing. Cocktails were tasty too!” Adam Conner says “spreads were great and the atmosphere was so enjoyable.” An anonymous TripAdvisor user calls it simply “spectacular.” [Facebook, TripAdvisor]

The Welcome News: NPR personality Ari Shapiro, who works with Previte’s husband, NPR host David Greene, congratulated the pair on social media. “Your new baby @maydandc is a beautiful (and delicious) addition to the family,” Shapiro writes. Instagrammer @kloveinlife says “Go to @maydandc ASAP. The food is excellent, the ambience is very cool, and all the people are lovely and accommodating.” [Twitter, Instagram]

The Transporting Decor News: Facebooker Roz Cohen says, “It feels like a mini-vacation to an exotic land. The decor is stunning — so many beautiful objects, textures and colors — and the food is delicious.” Yelper Reema H. notes “each table has different chairs which was eclectic. The wallpaper, light fixtures, and vegetation along one wall are all interesting and look good.” [Facebook, Yelp]

The Forget It News: Yelper Dagny T. says “Maydan's food is good, but quite ordinary, and it's very expensive ... the dense cake dessert was also forgettable.” Yelper Reema H. adds “the food which wasn't terrible, but sadly not memorable either ... disappointed all around with the meat and fish options (all the most expensive!)” [Yelp]

The Authenticity News: Yelper Betty W., who self-identifies as “a person of Middle Eastern descent” says she was “was highly impressed with the food, the ambiance, and the overall production of Maydan. The chicken was amazing and the carrots and harissa were phenomenal.” [Yelp]

The Spread ‘Em On News: Yelper Chandani C. writes that she “ordered the Beiruti hummus and harissa with a warm pita to snack on with our drinks. The harissa was good, but the hummus was more delicious than words can explain.” [Yelp]


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