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Table Shutting Down Tuesday

Four-year old restaurant calls it quits

[Riva W./Yelp]

The farm-to-table experience founding chef Frederik de Pue introduced to Shaw in early 2013 is scheduled to serve its final multicourse meal this Valentine’s Day.

Akhtar Nawab, the current executive chef at Table, confirmed that the one-time critical darling expects to go dark late Tuesday.

“We had a good run. But we’ve decided to close,” Nawab said. Don Rockwell reported on his dining forum that staff were alerted last week that the end was near.

Nawab intends to complete dinner service tomorrow — he said he’s prepared three- and five-course menus for the final batch of guests — before turning out the lights.

He is not, however, done cooking in D.C.

Nawab said he and a group of investors not affiliated with Table have already signed a lease for a yet-to-be-named restaurant projected to open later this year. He declined to share additional information about the forthcoming venture or its exact location, but did express hope he’d be back in the kitchen by early fall.

“D.C.’s been a really fun place to work,” Nawab said. The New York-based chef noted that he remains involved in two other hospitality projects, Indie Fresh and Choza Taqueria.

Table, Donkey and Stick

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