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Watch What You Watch While Waiting for Fast Food

Perusing 4chan at Chick-fil-A raises red flags

[Know Your Meme]

There’s lots to unpack in the dinnertime observation D.C. denizen Craig Plazure shared with Twitter Thursday night while grabbing a bite at Chick-fil-A.

Though only 12 words long, the message touches on several key issues.

Plazure, who works in the political sphere, indicated that a White House staffer was involved, which places this unseemly incident right on the doorstep of President Donald Trump.

By naming 4chan as the source of the alleged entertainment, Plazure has put on the table the entirety of internet depravity. The online playground for anonymous users is notorious for trafficking in everything from celebrity porn to much shadier material.

At least one observer prayed that the brazen web crawler turns out to be polarizing White House adviser Stephen Miller.

Twitter user @dj_mosfett held out hope that the unsuspecting viewer was sticking to the least offensive stuff.

Then there are those who are just plain sick of it all.