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The Early Word on Poke Papa

“Fresher than the Pokè I've had in Hawaii.”

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Ahi tuna poke, ceviche, and salmon poke bowl
Tierney Plumb is the editor of Eater DC, covering all things food and drink around the nation's capital.

Poke Papa debuted earlier this month on the outskirts of Chinatown, catering to the growing health-conscious crowd in D.C.

The seafood-centric restaurant offers a variety of meal building blocks, including ahi tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, octopus, and tofu, as well as ready mixed selections (scallop ceviche, Thai-style larb gai chicken salad), and all-natural accompaniments (pineapple, jalapeno, cilantro). There’s also eight house-made sauces.

Read on to hear what the public is saying about the new fast-casual spot, just a few weeks in:

The Variety For Days News: Facebooker Ray Liu noted a “great selection, great taste...also a good vegan selection in case you don't eat fish.” Facebooker Doris Truong noted the range of “proteins and a unique mix of fresh veggies. Loving the seasonal picked daikon Sakura.” Yelper Jesse K. said there’s a “huge selection of toppings.” [Facebook, Yelp]

The Cheap Eats News: Yelper Eric J. says “Poke Papa is sure to be the next big hit on the DC food scene. Fresh, delicious and an incredible bang for your buck. Top quality fish and toppings for an incredible price.” Yelper Lauren M. says “the price was also really reasonable for the amount of food you get.” [Yelp]

The Aloha Authentic News: Yelper Wilson L. says, “having lived in Hawaii, I have been disappointed with the growing number of places offering poke in northern Virginia. Poke Papa has by far the best concept and quality. Bryan A., who also mentioned living in Hawaii, says “the poke is pure perfection...I can say with confidence this place is the real deal!” Abeer S. thinks it “was fresher than the Pokè I've had in Hawaii.” [Yelp]

The Awesome Owners News: Yelper Pablo R. comments on the “great space, great atmosphere, super friendly owners, and best of all great poké bowls.” Jun J. also thinks “owners are super friendly and the place is clean w/ a nice ambiance.” Kathryn L. gives it “5 stars for the most jovial, friendly, accommodating, welcoming, and attentive 'fast food' customer service I've been extended in years.” [Yelp]

The How-To-Order News: Yelper Charles C. “tried the ahi tuna and salmon, and the I'd say the tuna is better than the salmon. For sauces, the Sriracha aioli and Ponzi together was fantastic. There are probably like 12-15 toppings to pick from, but each scoop is a bit skimpy. I suppose I could ask for a 2nd scoop but I didn't try.” [Yelp]

The Solid Locale News: Yelper Rebecca D. says, “located between City Center and the heart of Chinatown, Poke Papa's location is convenient and enough off the grid to avoid constant mayhem. The space itself is clean, refreshing and packed with seating.” Bree K. says the decor is “cute and fresh.” [Yelp]

Poke Papa

806 H St NW, Washington, DC, DC 20001