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Bourbon Steak Seasons Beef With Locally Made Whiskey, Plus More Intel

Bayou Bakery Hill Center has closed

[Sean Brennan/Bourbon Steak at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC]

Bourbon Steak executive chef Joe Palma is playing matchmaker with the locavore and locapour communities, uniting the twin worlds of gustatory enjoyment with a series of custom-aged, grass-fed steaks bathed in bourbon produced by neighboring Jos. A. Magnus & Co.

The bourbon aged steaks — Palma plans to launch with 1,000 pounds of bone-in ribeyes from Shenandoah Beef Valley Cooperative, Inc.; portioned at 56-ounces apiece, there should be just under 290 steaks to start — are expected to marinate for 45 days, 90 days, and 120 days in order to impregnate the cuts with “a subtle, whiskey-tinged essence of warm wood, roasted nuts, caramel and vanilla.”

Palma told Eater he’s mopping the meat in straight bourbon (“And a lot of it,” he said), and that he’s looking forward to experiencing the progression of the three-tiered aging process along with the dining public. The first batch of steaks are projected to debut Monday, May 1; the cuts aged for 90 days are expected to follow on Monday, June 19. Each steak is priced at $185.

The Shutter

Bayou Bakery Hill Center closed its doors on April 17. Founder David Guas broke the news to customers via social media, saying his goodbyes without making mention of any possible transfer of ownership to fellow restaurateur Aaron Silverman, and bidding loyal fans to visit him at the flagship location in Arlington, Va. [PoP]

Trump Wire

New York restaurateurs Danny Meyer, Tom Colicchio, and James Mallios have endorsed restaurant workers attempting to force President Trump out of the hospitality world. Restaurant Opportunities Center United has joined a lawsuit filed by government watchdog Center for Responsible Ethics in Washington that “seeks to find the president in violation of the emoluments clauses of the Constitution.” Closer to home, DC restaurateurs are suing Trump for unfair competition. [ENY]


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