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DC Brau Unleashing ‘Deep Cuts’ Beer Series April 28

The small-scale brews allows for experimentation with different styles and ingredients

A new brewery-only series starts Friday, April 28 at DC Brau.
[Steph Harding Photo]
Tierney Plumb is the editor of Eater DC, covering all things food and drink around the nation's capital.

DC Brau Brewing Company’s top-selling brews like The Public Pale Ale and The Corruption IPA can be guzzled all over town, but a new super-exclusive series can only be sampled inside the confines of the company’s Northeast tasting room.

Dubbed the Deep Cuts Series, the small, 15-barrel batches of one-off recipes aim to “provide an outlet for us to keep the creative juices flowing,” says co-founder Jeff Hancock.

First up is a Hoppy Saison (6.5 percent ABV), being tapped and released Friday, April 28 at the brewery. It uses a cooler fermentation temperature to pull out the earthy and spicy esters of the yeast, says Hancock.

To celebrate the beer’s throwback un-filtered nature — ”The way beer was consumed before all the technological advances of the modern age were added,” he said — a communal turn-table will be on hand Friday for guests to play a few deep cuts of their own on vinyl.

As far as what other one-offs DC Brau has in mind for the rest of the series, Hancock expects to throw in a couple Double IPAs and “more classic styles with fun riffs from countries like Germany and England.”

But what’s next up is hard to predict, he adds, as lots of input will be considered before planning subsequent batches. The plan is to rotate Deep Cuts brews on a monthly basis, although he’s sure some might last longer and some might go quicker.

If a particular beer is a monster hit, the brewery would consider re-brewing it at a later date for the Deep Cuts series, he says. But still plan on making the trek to Bladensburg Road NE for a sip.

“At this point, we don’t have plans to offer these beers outside of our tasting room,” he said.

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