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Dining Swaps Underway at Reagan National Airport, Plus More Intel

Aaron Silverman’s fundraising for his next project

The sushi bar at Matsutake in Reagan National Airport.
[Tom I./Yelp]

Things are a-changin’ over at Reagan National Airport.

A reader pinged Eater on social media wondering what was going on with Matsutake Sushi. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority confirmed that the restaurant, located in National Hall, has shuttered — but only for a few months. Per the DCA aide, Matsutake is undergoing a complete renovation as part of a new leasing agreement, and is projected to reopen this August. Same goes for the Dunkin Donuts in National Hall, though that is expected to resume serving travelers by mid-May.

The airport spokesman said the Cosi in National Hall, which closed on February 16 is being replaced by a new Chick-Fil-A (opening expected in late May/early June), while the recently shuttered Cibo (closed on April 1) is being transformed into an Il Viaggio Italian Kitchen, a fast-casual eatery already embedded within Salt Lake City International Airport.


Restaurateur Aaron Silverman is seeking north of $1 million to help bankroll his next project. Washington Business Journal reports that the chef/owner of Rose’s Luxury and Michelin-starred Pineapple and Pearls is actively fundraising for a new venture. Fellow restaurateur David Guas has approached Silverman about taking over the Bayou Bakery at Hill Center. [WBJ]