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Eater Road Trip Week Starts NOW

Come along for the ride

James Beard Award-winner Spike Gjerde’s shifted into beach mode with the Sandlot in Baltimore.
[R. Lopez]

Welcome to the inaugural Road Trip Week on Eater, an exploration of can’t-miss dining destinations worth the drive.

Starting now and continuing through Friday, Eater D.C. — along with other sites across the Eater network — will highlight travel-worthy places to eat and drink from all over. There will be photo essays of gorgeous locations to get away from it all, primers on choosing the right pit stops, guides to making the most of beach trips, a rundown of the restaurants local chefs race off to for must-have meals, and much, much more.

Check this page for an archive of all Road Trip Week-related coverage. Feel free to delve into past theme weeks here: Sweets Week, Barbecue Week, Breakfast Week, Delivery Week, and Future Week.

As always, feedback from readers is welcome and encouraged. Share tried-and-true travel tips, plug out-of-the-way dining spots, or weigh in on the cities D.C. diners should add to their to-do lists in the comments or via email.

Now, let’s get rolling.

Road Trip Week archive.
[Esra Erol]