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Milk Bar’s Mix-In Studded Soft Serve Is Now for Sale in CityCenterDC

New “MilkQuakes” feature crack pie, birthday cake truffles, and corn cookies

Milk Bar’s new mix-in studded dessert.
[Milk Bar]

The new Milk Bar MilkQuakes, which combine some of founder Christina Tosi’s signature sweets with the now-nationwide bakery’s self-styled soft serve ice cream, are ready for D.C.’s Instagramming pleasure.

The frozen treats were first offered to Caviar customers earlier this week but are making their way into the physical stores today. The three debut flavors, all featuring Tosi’s cereal milk-flavored ice cream, include: a summer-y mashup of Milk Bar’s corn cookies and strawberries; a colorful blend of birthday cake truffles and rainbow sprinkles; and a slice of crack pie whipped into the mix.

Team Milk Bar warns that there are no substitutions or customization allowed — “The flavors have been carefully curated,” the NY-based company said in a release — for the $9 dessert.

Unlike the solely-for-D.C. cereal milk cream soda and cookies Tosi developed in conjunction with &pizza co-founder and CEO Michael Lastoria, the MilkQuakes are scheduled for simultaneous release here, in New York, and in Las Vegas.

Momofuku Milk Bar

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