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The Early Word on Chicken + Whiskey

“If you're serious about juicy Peruvian chicken, this place is it.”

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Chicken + Whiskey’s back bar [R. Lopez]

Chicken + Whiskey, a new Peruvian chicken restaurant married to a whiskey bar, joined the bustling 14th Street NW corridor last month.

The experimental establishment, located at 1738 14th Street NW, comes from the hospitality pros at Maryland-based Star Restaurant Group.

Alma Cocina Latina alum Enrique Limardo blends his native Venezuelan cuisine with locally beloved Peruvian chicken, complementing slow-roasted bird with fried corn cakes known as arepas. A pseudo-secret whiskey den resides in back; it opens at 5 p.m. weekdays and on noon on weekends, featuring music played from vinyl records and affordably priced cocktails.

Read on to hear what the public is saying, just a few weeks in:

The Real Deal News: Facebooker Christopher Marcus Rivera said it’s, “The real deal. The flavors are out of this world,” while Elena Voronova decrees, “If you're serious about juicy Peruvian chicken, this place is it! The yuca and plantains are on point, too.” [Facebook]

The One-Stop-Shop News: FacebookerJoy Kingsley-Ibeh got, “Great chicken, great whiskey (and beer) and great service with a friendly staff! Kudos for bringing all my favorite things in one place.” Instagram user @mar_flix is all in: “Currently my favorite spot in D.C. Need I say more? #SummerNights” [Facebook, Instagram]

The Side Piece News: Yelper Sharon R. praised the cucumber-feta salad, saying, “The feta, olives, onions and vinaigrette gave it a really tangy taste, plus all the flavors were there. Nothing was muted ... and sweet plantains were basically what I want my plantains to be. Not soggy, not hard. Sweet.” Yelper Zach K. said “standouts” include the “bacon-cooked rice, black beans, and moist yucca fries.” [Yelp]

The Desperately Needed News: Yelper Emily M. notes that, “14th Street has been in dire need of an upscale fast casual for quite a while,” while BYT says it’s “the only place in the neighborhood serving Peruvian chicken and Venezuelans sides.” [Yelp, BYT]

The Main Event News: BYT notes the chicken — “the star” — is “good. It’s juicy. It’s as fine as what you’ll find at El Pollo Sabroso in Mount Pleasant.” Yelper Mariska B. said, “The chicken was awesome — really juicy, well-seasoned, and the dipping sauces paired well.” DCist said the “pollo frito sandwich or deep fried chicken ‘nacho's wrap’ are among the more indulgent options.” [BYT, Yelp, DCist]

The Cocktail News: Instagrammer @drinkthroughdc tried the $10 LSOP #14: “This is so smooth and well balanced. It's not incredible sweet but the honey balances the tartness of the sour cherry and the bourbon. Could easily drink like five of these.” Yelper Glinda G. had the Ginny from the Block, “which had gin, lemon and watermelon which was great.” [Instagram, Yelp]

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