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Local Juice Bar Pulls Out of D.C.

Postmodern Foods founder sees more of a future in biotech

The Postmodern Foods in Georgetown closed earlier this year.
Photo: Postmodern Foods

Postmodern Foods, the detox-friendly, cold-pressed juice company that started in Northern Virginia, shut its Georgetown store earlier this year rather than jeopardize its mission.

“I closed it because originally I thought having a satellite location would expand our influence, which it did, but in order to make it work economically long-term I would have had to sacrifice product quality, and I wasn't willing to do that,” Denise Hicks says about the decision to let the spot at 2920 M Street NW go dark this winter.

Hicks imported her brand of fresh juices, smoothies, and salads to the District in late 2015. Keeping that operation alive, she says, would have required her transition into a full-service restaurant.

“But I preferred the idea of returning to one main location in Great Falls, Virginia, and continuing to create great, unique products that we distribute largely through delivery and subscription services.”

That consolidation may soon lead to liquidation. “I am actually now in the process of selling Postmodern Foods to another local owner who may or may not expand the menu and reach further,” Hicks tells Eater, adding that she’s working on a biotech company focused on nutritional issues.