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Brookland’s Getting Two New Starbucks’ Coffee Drinks

The nitro brew-fueled beverages arrive July 11

The new nitro dirty chai and nitro cascara could from Starbucks.

As one of the rapidly expanding roster of specialty “Reserve Bars” (nearly 30 and counting) sprinkled around the country, the Starbucks in Brookland is expected to gain early access to the latest draft beverages filtering out of the coffee giant’s official test kitchen next week.

The monolithic chain has announced plans to release a pair of caffeinated concoctions next Tuesday. The featured drinks include a hybrid nitro cold brew coffee-tea cocktail labeled the “nitro dirty chai,” as well as a vanilla-spiked cold brew (the “nitro cascara cloud”) cut with cascara — a beverage brewed from the flesh of the dried fruit that surrounds coffee beans.

The Catholic University of America-adjacent coffee shop already whips up a number of experimental coffee drinks, including the refreshing Melrose mocktail, the Arnold Palmer-like Monroe (think: cold brew married to lemonade), an affogato bolstered by cinnamon, and the by-request-only Black and Tan (that’s apple juice in there).