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Matchbox Settles with Workers

Labor disputes at the local pizza chain have come to an end

R. Lopez

Matchbox Food Group has settled with its employees who filed suit with the National Labor Relations Board over firings they believed to be retaliatory, reports Washington Business Journal.

Eater DC previously reported that back in late April, Matchbox Food Group fired five of its employees: Lucas Efrain, Ana Hernandez, Angel Morales, Altagracia Reyes, and Alejandro Roman. All five lobbied separately for better working conditions — like regular workday breaks — and all five participated in the Day Without Immigrants demonstration in February. All five employees had been fired not long after the nationwide labor strike.

Now, the dispute has been settled. The employees withdrew their charges in mid-July — after the agreement had been reached — and certificates of compliance were filed last Wednesday.

While not all settlement details are available — no info on how much cash was paid out — WBJ says that Matchbox has agreed to post bilingual notices of “workers’ rights to organize and take collective action to improve working conditions,” for the next 60 days.


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