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This Horror-Themed Bar Brings Your Worst Nightmares To Life

Welcome PUB Dread

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Drink Company/Facebook

Drink Company is going all out for Halloween, reports Washingtonian, with the horror-themed pop-up PUB Dread. The bar’s organizers are so stoked on the theme they made an actual trailer for the pop-up.

PUB Dread will be where the pop-up bars usually happen — in the Shaw spot formerly occupied by Mockingbird Hill, Eat the Rich and Southern Efficiency — and each former bar will be a room with a different theme. In fact, reports Washingtonian, staff were interviewed about their deepest fears, and these answers have been incorporated in the designs (think: grandma’s creepy doll collection, a tree that seems to be watching every move.)

Drinks will be fall-themed and also often creepy, with pumpkin and apple cider incorporated, as well as candy shaped like brains.

The Pop-Up Bar is, of course, no stranger to inventive, all-out themed bars. Most recently, the bar was operating at as a Game of Thrones-themed bar, complete with terrifyingly realistic Hall of Faces, an iron throne and themed cocktails like “The Lady Mormont of Bear Island.” The bar has had themes centered around cherry blossoms, and Christmas (which was the bar’s first theme.)

Will lines be as long as usual to enter this bar come October? Only time will tell.