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Augmented Reality-Enabled Cocktail Debuts At Local Gallery

Artechouse mixes things up for latest exhibit

Photo: Carla Sanchez
Tierney Plumb is the editor of Eater DC, covering all things food and drink around the nation's capital.

There’s now a seasonally inspired cocktail featuring a tinge of tech to help set the tone for Artechouse’s latest multi-media experience, Spirit of Autumn.

Starting Saturday, October 1, guests that snag a ticket to the Southwest showplace (1238 Maryland Avenue) must descend to the rotating space downstairs for a fully immersive experience that includes themed beverages.

A debut $12 signature cocktail — Artechouse’s first break from beer and wine — features brandy, lemongrass, hibiscus, lime, and egg white. It’s all topped with an edible leaf-shaped design, which can be tied to a new augmented reality app that unlocks festive fall emojis on attendees’ phones.

The app is currently in the process of being approved by both Apple and Google markets, and Artechouse’s next Kingdom of Colors exhibit (November 10 to 26) is expected to have up to five AR cocktails.

There’s also $8 to $10 wines and Georgian brandy served neat ($10). The Rkatseteli Georgian wine was picked because it’s an amber color, “which beautifully resonates with the color of fall foliage,” says a spokeswoman.

The interactive installation includes an art projection system from Sila Seta, wall technology and graphics that simulate thunder storms and foliage designs by A-Blok, and interactive floor projections from Noirflux. Make-your-own leaf artwork can be slid into a mailbox to be later displayed on the walls.

Guests must finish drinks upstairs at the bright and futuristic white bar, which is slightly reminiscent of Barmini, before entering the exhibit. The installation is scheduled to run through Sunday, November 5.