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3 Alexandria Restaurants Feed Into Local Love Story

Pizza, poutine, and palak paneer played a role in uniting newlyweds

A dining room at Restaurant Eve set for a special occasion.
Photo: Restaurant Eve

It may have taken a few years for Sarah Goodman and Umair Khan to move from just friends to man and wife, but recreating key moments in their relationship requires just a three-mile trip to a trio of local restaurants.

Washingtonian shines a light on the newlyweds in a feature chock full of flattering photographs. Meanwhile, the story of their young love plays out in a handful of area eateries:

  • The pair first met while working at their mutual side-hustle, Del Ray Pizzeria. Former President Barack Obama visited the neighborhood eatery in late 2011. DRP chef Eric Reid recently reopened Reserve, the now-globally inspired wine bar located above the pizza shop.
  • Their first date was at Virtue Feed & Grain. This trendy watering hole, which debuted in 2011 and now serves upscale bar fare (duck poutine, tuna poke, umami burgers), was restaurateur Cathal Armstrong’s first attempt at waterfront dining. His Eat Good Food Group cut ties with Virtue in 2013; Armstrong opened hotel restaurant Hummingbird just down the block last summer.
  • The wedding ceremony and dinner reception took place at Restaurant Eve. Armstrong’s flagship restaurant prepared a celebratory meal featuring seared rockfish with polenta, palak paneer (in honor of Khan’s Pakistani heritage), and an almond-flavored wedding cake decorated with gold leaf.

Wonder which one of the three they will pick for their anniversary dinner?

Virtue Feed & Grain

106 S Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

Del Ray Pizzeria

2218 Mt Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301 703 549 2999 Visit Website

Restaurant Eve

110 S Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 703 706 0450 Visit Website