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Dupont Bar’s Got Senate Bean Soup Covered If Government Shuts Down

Political gridlock won’t interrupt the iconic meal

A cup of Senate bean soup at Beacon Bar & Grill.
Photo by Warren Rojas / Eater DC

Hill staffers may not get paid if Congress fails to fund the government past 11:59:59 p.m. on Friday, January 19, but they needn’t worry about going a single day without a cup of the Senate’s historic navy bean soup thanks to Beacon Bar & Grill.

The hotel bar, which serves familiar traveler-friendly fare (obligatory gourmet cheeseburger; roast chicken; grilled salmon), has worked a version of Senate bean soup into its lineup for a while now.

“We have been serving this soup on a weekly basis for the last several years during the winter months and it is one of chef Edgar’s most popular soups,” general manager R. Kamran Vakili tells Eater.

On special as of January 18, the seasonal offering combines white beans, carrots, celery, onions, and diced ham. Complimentary slices of warm, crusty baguette are essential to mopping up every last drop of the savory concoction.

In light of the latest budget showdown, Vakili says the Senate bean soup special is sticking around for “the next few days.”