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Last-Ditch Bethesda Burger Stand Shuts Down

Weeks-old One Burger failed to save short-lived Community

A double cheeseburger at now-defunct One Burger.
Photo: One Burger

Restaurateur Mark Bucher has now closed two restaurants in the exact same Bethesda location (7776 Norfolk Avenue), shuttering over the weekend the gourmet burger operation he threw together to try and salvage all the work he’d put into short-lived diner, Community.

Bucher, who previously found success with homegrown chain BGR the Burger Joint as well as steak frites destination Medium Rare, was apparently unable to cobble together enough winning elements to make things work at this latest venture. During its abbreviated lifespan, Community — and its stripped-down successor, One Burger — featured everything from cereal-crusted doughnuts and classic cocktails to fried chicken and politically-themed entrees.

“To our friends, neighbors and customers, we have closed. Thank you for sharing your dining time with us over the past year!” Bucher alerted what was left of Community’s dwindling supporters on January 6 via social media.

Though Instagram-ready beef bombs weren’t the magic bullet this time around, Bucher tells Washingtonian he’s not done flipping patties. “I’ll always have burgers in my life somewhere,” Bucher says. “I’ve just got to find the right spot and the right opportunity.”