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Weather-Plagued Tadich Grill Will Be Back

The three-year-old D.C. eatery is projected to return “ASAP”

Tadich Grill
Photo: Tadich Grill
Tierney Plumb is the editor of Eater DC, covering all things food and drink around the nation's capital.

D.C. power spot Tadich Grill, the old-school San Francisco restaurant that opened its first location outside of the California original in 2015, remains temporarily shuttered due to the freezing cold that’s gripped the area — but it’s not going anywhere.

Despite some reports the restaurant “might be in trouble” at 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, the building’s retail broker assures Eater that’s not the case.

“They will reopen ASAP as soon as they can get their sprinkler system resolved due to the extreme cold snap,” says Bill Miller, principal at Miller Walker. “It’s been historically cold on Pennsylvania Avenue.”

He adds that a reopening date remains up in the air.

The flagship West Coast location that’s not having to deal with such weather woes is more than 150 years old, and serves up classic dishes like seafood, cioppino, and steak. The mahogany-heavy D.C. restaurant has 175 seats in the main dining room, 16 bar seats and 20 lounge seats, plus a large private dining room and private patio.

It’s not the only eatery that’s been affected by bone-chilling weather; subterranean Honeysuckle had to shut down for a few days last week but has since reopened.

And neighborhood eatery Capitol Hill Crab Cakes has started an online fundraiser to raise the money required to reopen (approximately $15,000) after a frozen pipe flooded the entire establishment, while Bethesda Row’s Redwood works to resume operations sometime this week after a water pipe burst on New Year’s Day.