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2 Birds 1 Stone’s Replacement Is a Cocktail Bar Inspired by Destination Weddings

It’s got over-the-top decor and a straightforward name: Destination Wedding

Photos: Destination Wedding

The replacement to beloved 14th Street cocktail bar 2 Birds 1 Stone is here, and it’s got a very distinctive theme. In case Washingtonians don’t have enough weddings on their calendars, drinkers can now recreate one at veteran mixologist Lukas B. Smith’s Destination Wedding.

That’s the name of the bar, which opened on Friday in the space under Doi Moi at 1800 14th Street NW, as reported by Washingtonian. The main bar is decked out in white and something blue, and other rooms are inspired by wedding destinations like Las Vegas, Jackson Hole, Paris, and Morocco.

The drinks from Smith (who created the cocktails at Cotton & Reed) and bar manager Robin Miller (formerly of Espita Mezcaleria) are just as light-hearted. “We have one primary goal: make delicious things approachably fun,” Smith wrote to Eater. “From the flavor side, the idea is to dig into familiar — even traditional — drinks and flavors and bring something new out of them or to them, including combining them in interesting ways.”

The bar at Destination Wedding
Raisa Aziz/Destination Wedding

There’s plenty of drink hybrids on the menu, including a margarita made with nitrogen and crossed with a Negroni. Smith explained how another drink, the “Fairy Vodmother,” came together, saying:

We put rosé in the vodka soda, for example, because having choice shouldn’t always mean having to choose. It makes a smashable drink even smashier. The dry fruitiness of the wine gives body and depth to our all-natural lemon seltzer and turns DC’s most popular drink into a cocktail. The J Rickey is a rickey-mojito hybrid, and was designed to answer the timeless question, “Can I get a mojito, just not-too-sweet?”

“Fairy Vodmother” with vodka, rosé, lemon seltzer, and frozen grapes

Obviously, these drinks are way more involved than guests will find at most weddings, destination or otherwise — and the hope is that there won’t be lengthy lines at the bar either. “From the service side, the goal is to give the fastest and friendliest service anywhere. We have six cocktails on draft plus a frozen line, so the service is lightning-quick,” Smith said.