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Gabe Hiatt is IN as Editor of Eater DC

The site has a new leader

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Vox Media is proud to announce that Gabe Hiatt is the new editor of Eater DC.

Gabe has been a sports reporter and editor at The Washington Post and its Express publication for several years now. But you’ve also seen his byline on several food stories, covering everything from affordable pasta to local markets, and highlighting unsung gems like Benito’s Place.

Gabe is a native of Houston and a barbecue enthusiast. He replaces outgoing editor Warren Rojas, who left the company in August.

Gabe will run Eater DC in conjunction with associate editor Tierney Plumb and the Eater DC writing staff, where the team will continue to comprehensively cover the area’s major restaurant news developments, as well as highlight its standout dining destinations. You’ll also see his name pop up in the new Eater DC Facebook group, offering restaurant recommendations to members. Reach out to Gabe with story tips via email and follow him on Twitter @Gabecito.