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St. Anselm Customers Sign Off on the Steaks at Union Market

“Save room for dessert and indulge in the port flights.”

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St. Anselm/Yelp
Tierney Plumb is the editor of Eater DC, covering all things food and drink around the nation's capital.

Narrow Brooklyn tavern St. Anselm set up its D.C. sibling at Union Market last month, complete with twice as many wines, triple the seats, and way more grilled steaks than the 9-year-old New York original.

The Northeast newcomer (1250 5th Street NE) is a joint effort between founder Joe Carroll and James Beard Foundation Award-winning restaurateur Stephen Starr ( Le Diplomate).

The chef behind the wheel is Smoked & Stacked founder and Top Chef alum Marjorie Meek-Bradley. She tried out about 200 cuts of beef to create St. Anselm’s opening menu, which also integrates lots of vegetables.

This what customers are saying, one month in:

The Quick-Fire News: Yelper Jon L. notes the “place has strong potential” with “really good” food — but found it “a bit on the pricey side,” going on to say he “loves” the U-shaped bar but wasn’t a fan of sitting at the kitchen counter “at all ... was like sitting in an elementary school desk chair.” [Yelp]

The Highlight Bites News: Facebooker Cynthia Brown Long notes “staff were friendly, had great food knowledge but were not a snotty pain ....loved the deco and butcher cut steak and a tasty grilled salmon down to the flavor-packed but not too sweet pecan and wine list is a refreshing find.” Instagrammer @paulwhartonstyle noted the “unbelievable steaks, butter herb grilled oysters that melt in your mouth and my favorite King Crab!” Instagrammer @therealsangeeta claims the salmon collar will “feed you for days. It was cooked perfectly.” [Facebook, Instagram]

The ‘Say What?’ News: Facebooker Susanna McDonald points out “food and service was great,” but the acoustics inside were “very loud.” Yelper Travis C. was seated outside, “which was nice as the interior of the restaurant was very noisy,” going on to compliment the pimento cheese app, potatoes, and “extensive” wine list with “cool graphics” and an “excellent selection.” He says the steak was “good but not amazing.” [Facebook, Yelp]

The Sweet Ending News: Facebooker Kelly Sobilo says, “as a girl from the Midwest, I’m very picky when it comes to steak and St. Anselm knows how to deliver. The food was amazing and the service from Edward was attentive. Definitely save room for dessert and indulge in the port flights.” Yelper Linda C. called the grilled mackerel “tender and succulent with excellent olive oil and capers, so fragrant and good,” while “the house made carrot cake was dense, moist, and sweet with just enough frosting.” [Yelp]

The Greatest Hits News: Yelper Amanda M. says the prime 16-oz. ribeye “was fatty and delicious, great flavor, highly recommend, would come back for their steaks,” and raved over the carrot cake, calling it “probably the best carrot cake I’ve ever had.” Pepe G. says “if I had to recommend one item over anything else you must try the cauliflower.” Casey N. had the “most perfectly cooked tomahawk steak.” Jamie L. writes: “food is divine. Variety is fantastic. Love the small plates and sides. The staff was fantastic and so attentive. For having just opened, you would never know it!” [Yelp]

The Solid Staff News: Yelper Katie F. has “never had such attentive, fluid and aware staff. Our server, Amy, was impeccable. She was able to answer every question with precision and detail, was friendly and made us laugh and feel at home ... Greg, the sommelier encouraged us to try a Moroccan red that was just fantastic.” And Alex T. “got a table right away. Staff was very friendly. Manager came up to our table to say hi as well.” [Yelp]

The Cool Decor and More News: Yelper Michelle W. calls the “captivating and interesting” design a compilation of “Abercrombie & Fitch, Americana, hipster culture, and modern steakhouse decor,” adding “the service is warm and hospitable.” She got the butchers steak and taste tested her friend’s New York Flatiron, saying “I liked his better in terms of flavor but mine was slightly more tender.” Yelper Lily H. points out the “cute, private booths with curtains that can be closed for more privacy” but also says it “gets very loud.” [Yelp]