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Don’t Call this Meat Paradise a Steak House, Warns WaPo Food Critic

See what the critics are saying this week

St. Anselm Instagram

St. Anselm

Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema visits newcomer St. Anselm and cautions against calling the Brooklyn import a steak house. Even though the spot “greets customers at the door with a beefy aroma,” it’s not only about the meat at this restaurant. Sietsema praises St. Anselm chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley, labeling a salad a “must-try” (it combines cukes, watermelon radishes, whipped feta cheese and a granola made with cashews) and notes that a fried cauliflower bite — “nicely foiled” with pickled beets — was among his favorite side dishes. That said, this spot is pretty meaty. Sietsema notes the bone-in salmon is “a real catch” and calls the restaurant “mindful” for serving “off-cuts of naturally-raised meat.” [WaPo]

Bún DC

DCist’s Rachel Sadon stops by Bún DC, the brainchild of Phi Nguyen and Minh Chau and created to help Nguyen’s mother “finance her dream of building a small Buddhist temple in her hometown.” Sadon notes that this the same team behind Pho Viet, and says that the culinary experience this newer Park View spot “feels more varied.” While pho with snails isn’t on this menu, Sadon says there’s plenty for those who are feeling an adventure — like pork blood cakes and chicken livers and gizzards. Sadon also notes that the tomato broth “is where it’s at.” [DCist]


From The Hill Is Home, a brief message of praise for this Cap Hill newcomer: “PLEASE EAT A VALOR BURGER IF YOU CAN [emphasis theirs].” [The Hill Is Home]